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An Electric Car Charging Station has been Opened at Riga Airport

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An electric car charging station is now available at Riga Airport, thus supplementing the range of services available to Airport customers. The technical equipment of the fast-charging station allows any electric car to be charged there.

The 50 kW DC fast charger is located in an easily accessible place – at the entrance to the Airport’s P3 car park. It is equipped with CCS and CHAdeMO DC charging connectors and a Type2 AC connector, which ensures that charging can be performed on any electric vehicle.

“The sustainability strategy of Riga Airport, which we are currently working on, provides that in the coming years we will pay increased attention to environmental issues in the development of the Airport – both on the customer side and in the Airport's work processes. This may seem like a small step towards strengthening the sustainable operation of the Airport, but it is also a response to the growing demand and change of habits of both the general public and Airport's customers,” says Laila Odiņa, Chairperson of the Board of Riga Airport.

The electric car charging station at Riga Airport is part of the network of 139 “E-mobi” charging stations established by the Road Traffic Safety Directorate with the support of the ERDF funding, which provides opportunities for electric cars to travel throughout the territory of Latvia. There is a fixed fee in the “E-mobi” network for charging electric cars – 0.15 euros/min with VAT.

Riga Airport is a fast-growing Northern European air traffic hub, connecting the Baltic countries with European business centres and popular holiday destinations. As a member organization of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Aviation Industry Charter for COVID-19, Riga Airport works to the highest standards of epidemiological safety. Skytrax has awarded Riga Airport a four-star rating for its implemented Covid-19 safety measures.
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